This week’s links: 8/11/19

Posting a little early this week…

A Story of Courage – The Life of Charlie Munger

“Charlie was 31 years old, divorced, broke, and burying his young son. It would have been tempting to just give it all up and turn to vices (alcohol, drugs) as so many people around him had done at that time. But Charlie was not that man and he kept going.” Contrast this narrative to today: billionaire partner of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett, Giving Pledge co-signer, Stanford dormitory designer, and much more.

Peter Thiel’s Religion – David Perell

” At first, two people who share the same desire will be united by it. But if they cannot share what they both desire, their relationship will transform. They’ll turn from the best of friends to the worst of enemies.”

“Prestige-oriented environments can create nasty feuds over little prizes.” – similar to Naval Ravikant’s saying, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Conversations with Tyler: Peter Thiel

Concept: The “Straussian reading” refers to a form of reading between the lines. For example, the Straussian reading of Thiel’s Zero to One might be, don’t become an entrepreneur, despite the book outlining a playbook for how to become a successful one. One way to improve the skill: watch actions instead of words. A money manager with integrity will put his money where his advice is.

Where Are The Customers Yachts?

“All of these theories are true part of the time; none of them true all of the time. They are, therefore, dangerous, though sometimes useful.”

“For one thing, customers have an unfortunate habit of asking about the financial future. Now, if you do someone the single honor of asking him a difficult question, you may be assured that you will get a detailed answer. Rarely will it be the most difficult of all answers – “I don’t know.” Ask a barber if you need a haircut…

Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy – Slate Star Codex

The Untold Story of Facebook’s Building 8 – and their struggle to develop a hardware business

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