This week’s links: 8/4/19

How to Win in a Winner-Take-All-World: Succeeding in High-Performance Careers

  • Neil Irwin (NYTimes, The Upshot) writes about how employees can improve their career navigation by seeking “pareto optimality”, which is essentially building specialized/niche skills while applying lateral thinking. Marc Andreessen and Scott Adams both offer similar advice: becoming top 25% in the world at multiple skills might be a better pursuit than top 5% in only one arena.
  • Examples: Omer Ismail‘s track to partner @ Goldman Sachs, Henrik Green‘s path to Volvo CTO, Joe Berger‘s journey to President of Hilton Americas, Nick Caldwell of Microsoft, and many many more
  • Similar content to Range by David Epstein, but much better in my opinion, using concrete and thorough examples of real career journeys to highlight the thesis
  • Next read: The Alchemists by Neil Irwin, about the three central bankers (U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank) in the ’08 financial crisis

Linked: The New Science of Networks

  • Remarkably similar to the Social Networks class I took at Northwestern with Professor Noshir Contractor; this book would probably be the best course summary anyone could’ve made
  • Key lessons: the 80/20 principle/Pareto Principle/Price’s law, graph theory, six degrees of separation, properties of populations (density, transitivity, reciprocity, clustering)

Really great blog on tech, markets and investing:

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