This week’s links: 7/14/19

When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management by Roger Lowenstein – a documentation of LTCM, a hedge fund made up of highly-qualified quantitative traders which at its peak commanded $100B, but rose to prominence and collapsed within 5 years.

How I Practice What I Do by Tyler Cowen: analogous to how I imagine many athletes practice their sport. He reads and writes every day, and practices laying out points of view that are not his own. He focuses on his competitive advantage, compounding skills that age well, he avoids the tempting distractions.

Inside Walmart’s Fight with Amazon: it’s hard to envision Walmart competing effectively against Amazon, given Amazon’s huge leads in infrastructure, patient capital and product selection. But the article ends with an interesting note: what are the anti-trust implications for Amazon in an e-commerce world devoid of Walmart?

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