This weeks links: 2/24/19

Warren Buffett on annual reports – YouTube

  • “I like to know as much as I can about the person that’s running [the business], and how they think about the business … I’d like to have a report that would be identical to if I owned half of a business but was away for a year and I had a partner that owned the other half, when I came back, that he would tell me had happened in the past year and what he foresaw in the coming year.”
  • “If we owned stock in a company, in an industry, and there were eight other competitors in that industry, I’d want to be on the mailing list for the reports of the other eight because I can’t understand how my company is doing unless I understand how the other eight companies are doing.”

Jeff Bezos Interview Pre-Dot Com Crash – CNBC YouTube

  • Jeff is famous, particularly in his early interviews, for his “obsess over the customers,” which he repeats infallibly in this interview. It’s also interesting to watch how – and this is consistent across most of his interviews, even today – his eye contact is relentless. Reminds me of what Leil Lowndes calls “epoxy eyes” in his book, How to Talk to Anyone.

First Pitch – ESPN 30 for 30

  • A very moving mini-documentary about the social power of baseball amidst the 9/11 terrorist attacks

The Dropout – Apple Podcasts

  • Recounting the rise and fall of Theranos

Killer Mike’s Netflix Series – Fast Company

  • “In Trigger Warning, Killer Mike unpacks education, religion, the black economy, and more through amusing (yet educational) social experiments.”

Christian Bale and the Immigrant Advantage – FT

  • “Immigration teaches — it almost forces — what we are now obliged to call soft skills … The person who emerges at the end is a sinuously adaptable creature, almost made for the fluid, service-dominated world of work. Every successful immigrant is a sort of actor … it’s a kind of anthropological education.”

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