1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly – Amaan’s Digest

  • Creators don’t need to become stars to be successful; the path to bestseller/blockbuster/celebrity is highly competitive and uncertain
  • Alternatively, pursue the least crowded channel: win a direct connection with 1,000 true fans who will offer genuine appreciation and serve as chief promoters of your products and brand
Why you should read it
  • The author, Kevin Kelly, is founding executive editor of WIRED magazine and author of NYTimes and WSJ bestseller The Inevitable. Considered a thought leader among techies / futurists.
  • Referenced by many big names like Tim Ferriss in Tools of Titans, The Tim Ferriss Show; Naval Ravikant, others.
Related Content
  • The Technium – Kevin Kelly’s blog
  • The “Long Tail” Theory – economic model that predicts culture and economy shift away from a few mainstream products towards a diversity of niche products as a result of declining costs of production and distribution (hence empowering the 1,000 true fans theory)
  • Patreon – membership-based platform for artists, creators to get paid by appreciative fans, sometimes in exchange for exclusive content, etc. Gaining a lot of momentum amongst YouTube content creators recently.

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