How I want to use this blog

I’m a goal-oriented guy; I tend not to participate in an activity without a particular target or set of intentions in mind.

I’ve been reminded multiple times of the value of developing one’s ability to express themselves clearly. These reminders have had a particular foothold on my attention because of the admiration to which I ascribe those who have reminded me, such as Dr. Jordan Peterson in his guide to essay writing (summarized here and emphasized in his talk here) and personal friends who have generated opportunities to connect with prominent figures of industry through the documentation of their work.

I intend for this blog to serve primarily as an exercise in articulation of thought. Ideally, by intermittently writing about topics that interest me, I will also more likely to develop more refined perspectives on such topics because I can’t imagine writing solely for the sake of reforming my expression without reforming my thinking. I’m also looking forward to being embarrassed (or inspired, depending on how you look at it) in the future by the progression of my writing technique.

I don’t write with any intention for my exercises to be publicly consumed – doing so would be tangential to (and perhaps at times in conflict with) my original intention for this blog.

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